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Default Re: Annoying Marketing

ya some of it bothers me a little but its basic marketing,

as to the premium/exotic/etc look at fertilizer, it is poop, pure and utter poop but call it "fertilizer" and it sells for much more. its all in the terms. all companies will say their product is great, no one will say its middle of the road product because then you wont want to buy it

moassel vs molasses, probably started as a misunderstanding/ misnomer and just got picked up, as to those that sell on ebay its just because its the only way they can get away with selling it there

herbal, ya tobacco free is more correct but its easier to say herbal so what ever, ya it is misleading but ill get over it, i dont smoke it so what ever

and as to the using chicks to sell it
-guys will buy anything with a hot enough girl on it
-girls will see it and subconsciously think it will make them hotter or
-guys buy it and girls see it so they buy it to impress the guys

and come of the female form is the more ascetically pleasing of the 2 in general, women will relate to a female more when being sold something in person and males will react cause its a girl, men can be more intimidating to both genders

its what happens when you try to sell things in todays world

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