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Default Re: Hookahs To Use in a Bar?

i would go with an acrylic base, easier to deal with and safer.

IIRC there are large myas that have acrylic bases. yes smaller hookahs smoke pretty well but honestly the mid 20s-30s just look better and give the visual experience your customers will expect, also i really think larger hookahs smoke more evenly, they can kinda fend off harshness more and seem to be a smoother pull (i have a mya mini acrylic and a 32 inch rotator and have smoked an ok amount of hookahs of other sizes and types to base my findings on)

as to what to use, nakhla is cheap and i have really been starting to become very fond of it in the last month or so, theres a lot there for the weight since its dry but it smokes well

i think one of the biggest things that lounges over look are hoses hoses hoses, ya nammors/razans are kinda expensive but they are much better

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