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Default Re: Put an END to the BullShyt the HP way!

I just removed my self from another hookah fourm due to there lack of intrest and help to the new people on there fourm. I was welcomed into this community with open arms and its been one of the best ran fourms ive ever be apart of. Ive also been turnd off by some of there tatics and general rudeness to unestablished new fourm members on the other four. no matter what i have a question about or i comment i make on here its always anwsered or at least read and thought about. I know we all will suggest using the search button from time to time on here to new members that ask questions anwsered a thousand times over but I my self was never verbialy bashed like on another about a post that when i did search there was only one post on and it never anwsered my question. Thats why i love it here and feel no matter who i am and how many post i have I still have a voice in the community. We have all of us to thank for that and we should be proud of our accomplishment.

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