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Originally Posted by nyc_hookah
well sorry about that . yes, it must have been my stupid brother that had fun with the chat yesterday whenever he did it i will try to get all the hookah stuff away from him before he does something stupid. i get a couple days off for thanksgiving. il get it bake there. i knew it would be a bad idea ta share with him. i will change my password so he has no more access. so no legal problems for you as i am 20 years old.
Thanks for clearing the matter up. Basically, smoking anything inside will be noticed by 9 out of 10 non-smokers and not much of anything will get rid of the smell to satisfy most non-smokers. What can do is look for the anti smoke candles that thompson cigar sells as I understand they mask the smell of tobacco pretty well.

In the end, your parents will notice that you are smoking so it makes more sense to just be open about it and hope the best.
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