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Default Re: I am officially addicted to Nakhla Mizo

Originally Posted by S4L View Post
haha AF cheerleaders, AF is wayyyyy better then nakhla.
Originally Posted by hookah-happy View Post
I recently got my first nakhla. It was two apple. At the same time I got af golden apple. I have to say I liked the AF better.

But to be fair the AF was fairly fresh and juicy and the Nakhla was old and dry.
honestly i felt the same way when i first got nakhla, then after a while i started to get tired of the weird taste AF has (kinda the candyish overtone) and started smoking more nakhla. my tastes have really gotten weird i like either really weird flavored stuff (like starbuzz) or more simple realistic stuff (like nakhla) and even started doing some black style shisha.

i like AF mint but lately ive gotten a weird taste to it and it was seeming less minty cause i had been smoking it a lot and the other flavor was coming out more, so idk if it was going bad or my taste buds were just changing, but im gona lay off AF for a while

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