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Default Re: Desert Island Shisha - What would you take?

Alright, now I SPEW! I was writing a hookah blog 8 years ago and this was my first question.
Only I asked for one flavour to the "desert island". I've since seen this question in so many posts, but for the sake of kicking my own but....I am sure I had read in my deep,dark sinister past the such as
"What movie star would you take to a desert island...", or "What brand of potato chips...".
But only those who can imagine will fufill their dreams, I'm old-and-in-the way.
My own answer 8 years ago was Nakhla Melon,until just this year I had an affair with Nakhla Zaghloul non flavoured, which killed all the jelly bean tastes for me out on the marke, and its cheap.
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