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Default Re: Saving washed unwashable hose

We all did that and got rust!After 8 years of smoking I ONLY buy PVC specially made for hookah hoses.They are very cheap, last a long time as pvc does and you can wash them in 20 seconds of warm water, no drying time.So if you smoke a strong mint, you just wash. Go online search for : "Plastic hookah hose" or "PVC hookah hose". I know f two American companies who make them. They come from Egypt , I buy in Israel from....
but why not take the mouthpiece and stem attachments off your old hose, buy as much pvc as you need. Take the mouthpiece along to fit. Now, the mouthpiece is a bit bigger as it should be. Just heat up the end of the hose withhot water, stick in the mouthpiece and as it cools you have a fit.Too long a pvc hose can flip a small hookah over.
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