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Default Re: Layout/Atmosphere for Hookah Bar?

Originally Posted by HookahWaffle View Post
I've changed your layout around, quite a lot actually, and have a few ideas for you.

The front seating area and bar give people a chance to get away from sitting right in the thick of a ton of smokers, in the event that, and some people will, really enjoy the atmosphere of the place, but just want lunch / coffee without being surrounded by hookahs.

Second, one private room with circular seating is a great way for regulars to get a sweet room to themselves if they've got a crowd of 6-10 people, and the other room can be the main smoking lounge.

Also, seperate bathrooms are good, because more than one person has to pee at the same time.
That is awesome, but how would I watch the closed off rooms? I just worry about some kid bringing in something illegal or alcohol and getting me fined or shut down!

I think I am going to need a larger space, I want to have at least 2-3 pool tables.
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