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Default Re: Top 5 Flavors?

the top 5 brands to me are
-al waha
-al fakher

in a quasi order from best to not as best to me

over all i would start with basic standard flavors
-apple and/or double apple
-lemon (or another citrus flavor, for tangiers lime is good)
-vanilla and/or a coffee type flavor
-berry flavor of some sort and/or grape
-jasmine and/or rose

those are pretty good basic flavors, the local lounges here by school carry those where as the really good lounge back home has 4 brands and at least 10 flavors in each one and does random mixes they figure out and serve as a standard mix for a week or so (they charge like a buck more for a mix but when its one of these they sell it at normal price or a sale price, they also do "mixer of the week")

honestly i would stay away from tangiers just because some times it can be hard for people to set up and while it is good tobacco it is a little more touchy than others

brands like havana, HH, and HF are ok smokes, decent for a cheaper option for people but i personally am not a fan.

a good lounge should offer at least 2 brands in a variety of flavors and even at start up should offer at least 8 flavors as a bare minimum, preferably 15-20 IMHO

i assume this is for your lounge idea hence all the lounge references

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