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Default Re: Layout/Atmosphere for Hookah Bar?

i didnt read really well through it but i looked at the plans and all

to me the first one is too crowded, with how the seating is spaced so close between each other. the second is nice.

i love the idea of the vip room, but the pool tables are hit and miss, i like pool and all but idk it ends up being one other thing you have to deal with and all.

the one thing i didnt see mentioned is what the fire code of how many people you can have in the building is, that will be the biggest factor in how your seating needs to be.

the local lounge that i like has the couches set up more as u shapes where the bottom is against the wall so it is easier to get in and out.

personally im not a fan of the bar seating, but if you are serving alcohol it is ok but you need to leave a chair or 2 out on the end so your servers can pick up and return hookahs more easily. also you need to make sure you lay it all out so servers can get in easily with hookahs and what ever else you will be serving.

and a final thought is, while unlikely you should set it up so if everyone needs to get out due to an emergency it should be laid out so they can (this should also allow your servers get to the customers easily as well)
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