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Default Re: Hookah-Hookah Shots

These are very nice!
i have a story with these its kinda off topic but i'm gonna say it any ways.
i was back east in northern Michigan i was up there visiting family this past summer i was in a very small town only 20,000 people.
M cousin knew i smoked hookah al ot so he said he was gonna take me to the local hookah bar so i was like im down,
we get there there's some people sitting in the back room of this hippie smoke shop and they have like 5 Egyptian hookahs,
the lady sets ours up and it was disgusting she put a black quick light coal on it and just put in a whole hookah hookah shot on an Egyptian bowl with the screen, it was the peoples that where there's first time and i was pretty mad that she set up the hookah so shitty pardon my french, oh and by the way there was pieces of nasty stiff floating on the vase likr lugies or something!
so i was like hell to the no!
went to the counter where no one was took some water botttles some tinfoil coal lighter and a shot of hoohak hookah furit punch, truned a shitty seshion into a RATHER NICE ONE nice clouds and taste all the people there loved it!.., WAY OFF TOPIC BUT ITS A STORY WITH HOOKAH HOOKAH SHOTS!!
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