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Thank you Boomhauer...I couldn't have said it better myself! Just because he hides his hookah in a "secret place" and just because his parents don't know, doesn't mean crap! Guess what, my parents don't know I smoke hookah either, and as such I have to constantly keep it hidden from them. Does this mean I'm underage? NO, as a matter of fact I'm 22. I just don't want to tell my parents because my mother works at a hospital, and she would never let the subject go if she found out that I smoked. So don't be too quick to judge just because he has to keep it a secret from his parents.

And on the smell thing, I really don't know how 9 out of 10 people would smell hookah smoke in a living rom after a couple of minutes of the session being over...Like I said, I've had my non smoking parents, as well as non smoking friends, walk into my house LITERALLY 10 minutes after I just finished having a session. And they never had the slightest clue that there had been any smoke present whatsoever... To the OP: if you want to be safe, just test it out with a friend...have him/her walk in 10 minutes after you just finished smoking, and put his/her nose to the test...
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