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As a matter of fact, I didn't start drinking till I was almost 23 and I never liked porn so lol make that - one of you.
The rest of your post, I'm just not going to read. has nothign ot do with Mahir's intention nor does it have anything to do with mine.

Made a comment in this post but i stand corrected by my friend - sorry.

Hey if SamB is cool with someone under age being on his forum then no sweat. but I was just trying to protect SamB and his forum.
All I kow is when I signed up - it said you had to be 18.

Originally Posted by boomhauer
so neither of you two ever drank a drop of alcohol, saw any porn, or smoked a cig while you where underage? that is getting pretty rare in todays world especially the porn one. just answer the questions he has and continue living your life, the world still spins even if he is underage on the forum. you can be against it and do one of two things. you can drive up to his house, knock on the door and tells his parents he smokes and then turn whoever sold the tobacco since it was going to a minor or whoever bought it for him or you can sit down and shut up about the issue. i say you have to go over to his house because a phone call sure as hell wont do much unless you know exactly who he is, where he lives, and who he bought the tobacco from and evidence it happened and have the police see it happening but then again you would need this information to go do that stuff in person in the first place.

mahir you got an at least 70% chance you sold to a minor with or without your knowledge so if you are going to be against him being on the site then you need to go to the police and get your 500 dollar fine and misdemeanor, repeated time once within the first year is a 1000 dollar fine and another misdemeanor, 2000 for your second time, a suspension on your retail permit for 20 days on your third time, and losing your license on the fourth time. all of that for sale of tobacco to minors in florida.

nyc_hookah welcome to the site. if it was honestly 2 people using the account and one of which is overage welcome to the site. if your underage all the more power to you and welcome to the site. you may be banned if your underage but its basically enforcing the rules to avoid legal trouble such as listed above for what happens if a vendor sells to a minor in florida. plenty of good information on the site with just reading around and if you have any questions feel free to ask them, some people list their SN on messenger clients for the purpose of helping people more in person rather than waiting for a reply also that way its a way to be out of possibly causing trouble on the site.
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