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Default Re: Annoying Marketing

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
You know what would make me happy if starbuzz stopped using those tins, and just sold the shisha for $15.00 instead of having the extra 5 added for the tin, it can come in a tangiers style bag for all i care, all my shisha gets transferred over to ziplocks anyway.

Same with all brands, put it in a tin and add $5, like the JM stuff, i haven't tried it but they must have added a bit on top for the tins, i would have preferred the cardborad box like baja, or AF containers.

Don't get me wrong i like the tins but i'm not paying for a tin im paying for the shisha inside the tin
i just want something recyclable. if its a metal can make it sturdy out of a good metal and charge the 50 cents more it really costs, or a recyclable plastic or cardboard. given i dont have recycling here at my apartment but still its a thought

for gods sake AF has 3 layers (cardboard box, plastic bucket, then plastic bag) and its 8 bucks, no reason other ones should cost a whole lot
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