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Default Re: Annoying Marketing

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i just want something recyclable. if its a metal can make it sturdy out of a good metal and charge the 50 cents more it really costs, or a recyclable plastic or cardboard. given i dont have recycling here at my apartment but still its a thought

for gods sake AF has 3 layers (cardboard box, plastic bucket, then plastic bag) and its 8 bucks, no reason other ones should cost a whole lot

So true the main objective of these companies should be to lower prices for consumers, by lowering they own production cost, AF can do without the outter card board box, but AF is pretty cheap in the U.S, so not many people would complain, but if they added a dollar more then people might.

I think starbuzz should try lowering prices by getting rid of tins, they make a good wind cover extension but how many extensions are you really gonna need, and what other use is the tin after the shisha has finished, its not even air tight
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