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Default Re: HOBOHOOKAH vs. the WITCH

so, i researched for a little while. And, i found that the best thing about the hobohookah is that it is washable! This is a great feature! Also i read that the "witch" is made in china somewhere! (look under reviews in this forum in the product reviews). I couldn't tell you where the hobohookah is made, but i can tell you that there it is definitely quality!!

I love my hobohookah and I'm sorry i questioned it!

I agree the rig isn't the most beautiful one i have seen, but when i travel i hate worrying that my more impressive hookah could be damaged!

i think there is only so much that can be said about the looks of a hookah. As far as origin and history, i may never know everything. And i find it very difficult finding people to smoke with that are actually interested! I need more informed smokers!
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