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Default Re: Annoying Marketing

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
I DEFINITELY can agree with you on this one.

don't some vendors realize that there are GIRL smokers who are STRAIGHT?

Pssh, how would the male smokers feel if girls changed it around by instead of having a "hot" chick on the ad, changing it to a shirtless, greasy "hot" male model on the front? Hah >_< NOW does everyone understand what I'm saying?

I'm not exactly a feminist, but it annoys the effing hell out of me when females are just marketing products. I know "sex sells" but it gets very old after a while
I'm with you on this one Jilly. I most certainly don't want to see some Fabio type smoking (unless it's the legendary '70s badass movie star Fabio Testi) and lubricated people of any description are really annoying in adds.

The worst for this sort of thing Taqseem (the people that make KK's Stargate) in that their site has all of these cuties in bikinis pretending to smoke in layout that are done in such a way that you can't even get a decent look at the rigs.

Why can't they just say what makes their product better?
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