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Default Re: HOBOHOOKAH vs. the WITCH

yeah, im sorry... i didnt mean that nothing good comes out of China. Just that this procuct may not be a great one from China.

"I tried the witch out a second time with a big 1 3/4 liter vodka bottle and it sealed just fine. Such a large bottle also makes for a much more stable base so if you plan on using this thing i'd avoid smaller bottles. The petrol smell makes the hose unusable in my opinion which is a real problem as standard hoses won't go into it. Perhaps hookah king cares a hose which doesn't stink that will fit. The gaskets seem to be losing their stench after 6 washes so perhaps the witch will one day stop making my shisha smell like oil/rubber. Frankly, the stench plus the heat of the smoke makes the thing unusable in my opinion so I threw it out." By Hajo Flettner (in product reviews>hookah pipes>THe Witch)

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