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Default Why I love Tangiers

I do not see any thing wrong with Tangiers Tobacco. He doesn't use fake food colorings, if you call him he will tell you exactly how his product is made and what is put into it, aside from the trade secrets, and he will tell you, personally, exactly how to smoke it and get the full experience.

To me, smoking Tangiers adds the tobacco smoking value to hookah that smoking Cigars and Pipes already has. Here's what I mean:

You have to put in a bit of work to keep a cigar smoking it's best, and sometimes the stick has to be aged to bring out it's full potential, and aging can take from 6 months to 5 years, or longer; you have to get the humidor seasoned, then keep the humidity and temperature stable, and then light the cigar correctly and smoke it correctly.
With a pipe, you have to make sure the tobacco is at the right moisture level and the right size to pack, and then you have to pack it correctly and go through the lighting process! Pipe tobacco does not always need to be aged, but it doesn't hurt. Pipe smoking takes quite a bit of practice.

Tangiers has to be acclimated, adjusted to the relative humidity of the area you are smoking. It's flavor is very natural and strong, and always down pat. When you are smoking a tangiers flavor, you know exactly how it is supposed to taste; and that is exactly what it tastes like! You have to pack it correctly, and add the right amount of heat and get the right foil hole placement.

What I am trying to get across is that smoking Tangiers is just another process, just like in other types of Tobacco smoking, and when you get the process correct, you will have an unbeatable and extremely enjoyable smoking session! If you don't want the buzz, practice not inhaling, as you get more proficient you will still get the clouds most of you adore without the toppling, mind-numbing nicotine rush.

Don't bash a product for needing a process to be enjoyed, or because you can't handle smoking it. Tangiers, hand-in-hand wiht Nakhla, is the best tobacco product on the American market, and it is Made in America! Tangiers tobacco should get the respect it deserves, and smoking it is all based on the process! if you don't want to go through that process, don't, but keep your hateful remarks to yourself por favor.
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