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Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
OH well sure in your own pool I could see but sneaking a hookah into a non-smoking facility (dangerous, illegal, and stupid), hiding it out and trying to keep it out of sight of everyone in a public pool (how big is a public pool that you think you can hide from anyone much less the employees watching for this sort of thing) and then went in a stole it back after it was confiscated (another reason I get the age thing because a. if you are old enough it wouldn't be confiscated and b. you can ask for it like an adult and leave if they were old enough to legally smoke and be in this forum they would have just asked them to leave. The only ones that can confiscate your property when you are an adult are police and sometimes bosses but that is a different story)

If tobacco is banned on the premise it can be confiscated as well.

Schools I know can confiscate it.

A wouldn't be surprised if a health club could confiscate it, or it least they might think they have the right to confiscate it.
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