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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Sam, you were doing something wrong. With the exception of Red Tea, I have loved every single Tangiers flavor I have tried. After a few mistakes, I got it down and I haven't looked back since. Its by the the fullest, thickest, most flavorful smoke I have ever had.

Yes, the tobacco itself is super picky. Heat management is a bitch, and learning to pack it correctly is a pain. But once you get it down, nothing compares. Smoking is more than just a quick little thing I like to do. Its a hobby I really enjoy, and if it takes a little bit more effort to make it the best it can be, I am happy to do so without complaining. I haven't found a single brand out there that smoke quite like Tangiers.

And oh yeah, recommendations:

Orange Soda (Spot on Fanta)
Blueberry (Subtle flavor, but perfect. Not overwhelming not other blueberry flavors I have had.)
Kashmir Peach (Very strong "floral" taste with peach undertones. I want to try K-Cherry a lot)
Schnozzberry (Hard to pin the actual flavor. Its great though)
Blue Gum Ball (Again, subtle flavor like the Blueberry. Definite taste of a blue gum ball though.)

I have Peach Iced Tea, Maraschino Cherry, and more Blueberry on the way. Excited

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