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Default Re: Layout/Atmosphere for Hookah Bar?

Well in my room i have a darker atmosphere with grey walls and black accents all over and a large blacklight in one corner with studio lighting on the rails on the ceiling. I think that having multiples themes along with a VIP room and a General room would be your best bet. Some ideas on the themed rooms

- Modern, darker in color with chrome/glass, dimly lit/blacklight/colored lights
- Middle Eastern feel, warm colors with lots of fabric on walls (this will give the room a nice hookah smell), large pillows (not for sitting, just atmosphere), and dim lights perhaps with Middle Eastern art on walls/ceiling. Also have a sign in the room that informs people of traditional hookah ettiqute like never using your left hand, always set hose down when passing, dont point hose ect...dont have them required, but make it reccomended to get the full experience.
- Bob Marley, well, this is a toughy because of its illegal connotation, but i think as a business decision, this might introduce people who do smoke illegal substances to hookah. Also bob marley just creates a super relaxing atmosphere, the only problem i could see arising is someone misunderstanding that room for a "illegal substance room" but if you put posters up with rules everywhere then it should be fine.

Music: of course the music must fit each room so with the modern room, some trance, vocal trance, ambient would be nice. Then Middle Eastern music for the other room, and of course bob marley and other reggae for the other room. And, selling shirts promoting each of those themed rooms would be a fun idea.

The VIP room should have a really nice hookah like a sultan or a large KM depending if you want looks vs. smoke quality. and this room should have unlimited shisha/coals for the users and discounted non alcoholic drinks. and just have a nice round couch possibly 4 hookahs in the center. And music should have playlists for the people to use, or have them use their own ipod to play stuff.

And at the Bar, there should be smaller mya bambinos available to rent.

The General room should just have really comfortable seating and easy music, dim lights, idk modern or whatever, but the general rooms theme should try to go along with the name of the lounge.

just a few ideas...
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