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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Here we go with another hooray Tangiers thread. Since everyone is expressing their opinions I will expess mine as well. Tangiers is without a doubt the most overrated pile of manure any company has ever produced. There is no other company that makes shisha tobacco that blames their customers for the fact that their tobacco is difficult at best to barely get any flavor from. I mean honestly do you fanboys ever stop to listen to yourselves? If you haven't I will list some of the ridiculous things I've heard you say in support of Tangiers. Here goes...

You need to pack more tobacco
You need to pack less tobacco
You need to use more heat
You need to use less heat
You need to put big holes in the foil
You need to put small holes in the foil
You need to acclimate it longer , but it's been acclimating for 48 hours, give it time!
Go visit Eric he'll teach you.
Use room tempature water in the base.
Pack the bowl over the rim then pack it down to the rim.
I use at least 50 G in my Medium bowl.
You need a funnel ( I'm not spelling it with a PH because that's BS) bowl!
Stir it often during acclimation.
No need to stir it during acclimation.
It will give you a throat tickle, that's normal.
If it smells like bar b que or soy sauce acclimate it longer.
I've never had a bad batch of Tangiers!
It's humidity shock.
I guess you can't get it to work because of the humidity in your area.
You're not smoking it right.
It's not the products fault you didn't pack it right.
etc etc infinity!

There is no other product on the market that requires this much hassle. Not one! Yet all the things listed above are spouted out like they are normal. It's sad when I hear about a new smoker who tries Tangiers because of all the attention it gets and has an awful session. Wasting their money because a small bunch of fanboys feel the need to push an inferior product on everyone. I'm a straight shooter, I don't sugar coat anything. Don't believe the hype. If you want to try Tangiers go right ahead but please use the search feature before asking why it wasn't amazingly super great like some swear it is!
Tangiers =

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