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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
i've smoked a bunch of flavors of tangiers. orange soda, grapefruit, horchata, passionfruit, grape, sweet melon, melon blend, k-peach, cool strawberry, peach iced tea, brambleberry, and a few others I can't remember. now, i've smoked a ton of brands but I just don't see where tangiers has fully blown every other brand away as far as flavor goes. it just doesn't do it for me. sure some of the flavors i've smoked were good, but some were also weak....just like EVERY other brand out there. Is it really worth having to buy a special bowl just to smoke it, use 25-30g+ every session in a small phunnel(which is enough for 2+ hours of if I smoke by myself I end up wasting tobacco, and no I don't wanna leave it in the bowl to smoke another day), and pray that it acclimates right? I still have some blue gumball that I got months ago and I had it acclimating for literally weeks....still smells like an ash tray. I don't want to hear that you guys need to defend eric or tangiers...accept the fact that some people like it and some dont. If you didn't want to hear from haters then don't make a post like this...when someone made an "I love Nakhla" thread did you see them asking to leave the negative comments out? no. and as to bitching about not knowing how to pack it, it's a good argument. how many hookah tobaccos need special requirements?...can you think of any?(besides tombac, jurak, and the like) The way hookah has been smoked for hundreds of years has been relatively the same: take tobacco, pack bowl loosely, cover the bowl, put coals on top, and smoke. people have the right to be frustrated with learning how to pack this stuff because it can take a few bowls to get right...and before you know it your 250g pack has deminished. So, with all that being said, I don't love nor hate me, it's just like every other tobacco I smoke as far as flavor goes.
THANK YOU! For backing up My opinion! and very well put together post .. Cheers!
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