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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Well, i'm not saying anyone is wrong for not liking it. I am saying that most people who don't like it smoke it without the correct process.

I do think Tangiers is a top tobacco on the US Market, by far; indefinitely over Starbuzz and Fantasia, etc...

What i wasn't saying was that you absolutely are smoking it wrong if you don't like it, and everyone should like it. I was simply making a comparison, which i still think is a very legitimate comparison between my favorite hobby, smoking tobacco products.

I'm not going to re-state my views again though.

This wasn't a "Everything sucks and so do you if you don't smoke Tangiers" thread, as some of you have misread.

Also, I had no idea this was such a heated subject! I also assumed that just because I was stating my personal opinion no one would get so defensive; we have enough space for you to post about what you love as well.

I can say I've never had a bad batch, and I can say that i have never found a stem, and that I love the fact that there is no food coloring, and that all the flavors are exactly how I hope they would be; because that is my experience, and it happens to correlate to other forms of tobacco consumption in my eyes, I though I made a good point.

I would suggest re-reading the thread as it wasn't an attack.

Also, when i say i hate almost everything about AF tobacco, it's no different than anyone saying they hate Tangiers; people automatically assume you are not smoking correctly, but I don't, because you have probably heard it all before. I don't like Kashmire Peach very much, but I love Kashmir Cherry, my tastes vary within the brand itself; some are harsh on my throat no matter what, most are great for me, but bad for others.

I do love Tangiers, and I think it is a great product and think it needs to get some credit, as most members hate it on this forum, so I just would like to say how much i like it as a tobacco.

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