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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

oh god. no. must. respond. er. resist. no. can't...

Okay, this sooo reminds me of arguments that I have outside of the hookah world, lets' see if maybe an analogy will work. I collect wine. There are places like this for that. Same deal, just snob-bier members with more disposable income and less interesting avatars.

So, I personally find a lot of French wines (with the exception of top-tier, first growth clarets) a little too dry, subtle in flavor, too susceptible to climate conditions/vintage, and requiring lengthy storage and care for my liking. Now, in that world a mere mention of criticism, a hint of dislike -- nay -- anything short of full-throated praise for certain appellations and the francophile fanboys will rain hell down upon thee.

Now, I've shed a small fortune trying to overcome the simple truth that, when it comes to wine, my American born-and-bred palette demands big fruit. Nothing against their product, their country, or their centuries-old vineyards and winemaking culture. It probably just means that I was fed too much Jell-O, RC Cola, and cheeseburgers when I was a kid which resulted in my adult taste-buds preferring the flavor profiles and residual sugars found in Australian Shiraz and Californian Zinfandels.

Enough digression -- the moral of the story is to each his own. If you've tried Tangiers and you don't like it, fine you don't have to buy it. Free speech and all that, voice your views and we can agree to disagree. I happen to like it, and I also think that some brands/styles of shisha are horrible. Doesn't make me a shill or you a rube; its just a difference of opinion, plain and simple.

Oh, and I'm sorry but tossing a few unacclimated grams from a sample someone sent you into a generic egyptian bowl and forever dismissing it as *shit* doesn't qualify as an objective opinion in my book. Just sayin...

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