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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

erik is very good to his customers, i even tried to call one evening but he didnt pick up, i got a call the next day from him asking if some one called from my number, didnt leave a message he just called back solely because i had just called. great response from a manufacture.

i probably spent 30-45 mins on the phone with him on 2-3 calls trying to figure out what was up with my tangiers (i had gotten some and the acclimation failed due to weird humidity and probably airing it out too long)

personally i dont really smoke tangiers much any more, mostly just due to the fact for some reason it gave a weird feeling in my lungs after i smoked and to the next day, the nicotine doesnt really bother me but i guess the "tickle" goes to my lungs so what ever.

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