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Default Re: Hookahs To Use in a Bar?

Originally Posted by dark2light2 View Post
I dunno man... the biggest turnoff I have going to lounges is when they use myas.

Try to look at a lounge as an extension of ones personal smoking experience at home.

I don't think you're going to be breaking too many glass vases if you put carpet down...

I'd use like Mya Diva's for the bar... and maybe 50/50 mix of Syrians and KM's.

Even if the price is more, people will respect that you have the best hookahs on the block.

Me and my buddies pick our hookah bars not always based on the environment. We'd much rather have a better smoke then some shitty pumpkin at a local cafe.
I wish I could send out glass bases and beautiful KMs syrians etc... but to the down right truth... people in society could careless about if they break my stuff... look at a public bathroom... how many people piss all over the floor... would they do that at home? Same thing goes for hookahs... I have very nice and expensive pieces at my house because I respect my things.. but people (im not saying all people, just those who generally come to a lounge) dont give a shit about my things. If a hookah falls off the table because people are stupid and go "I didnt do it" blah blah blah... From a lounge owners point of view its about getting a good smoke and using a hookah that is, how should I say, cost effcient yet very durable.. my spelling is terrible... but can you understand what I mean? For us on hookahpro... we love hookahs, we respect them etc... but for a person who just "wants to smoke" they dont care.
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