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Default Re: Hookahs To Use in a Bar?

honestly an acrylic base doesnt bother me, base shape/size is the important thing to me in smoke quality not if tis glass or acrylic. like wonderland said, people dont care about stuff but i will add people as a whole are generally not smart when in a crowd in doing something they do not know in depth. look how many people just grab a hookah any old way when moving it as an example.

frankly i dont want to have to deal with broken glass at a lounge, i dont care about cleaning up broken glass in fact i do it 4 days a week in the glass studio so im not worried about my self im worried about the idiots that dont know how to deal with it.

and as to using carpet, that is just asking for a mess. you cannot just mop a carpet floor, you have to steam clean it. none of the lounges ive been to have carpet, vases still rarely get broken but i think carpet in a lounge is a pretty bad idea

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