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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Yes mdl out of the 6 Lucid flavors I recommended 2. As I said in my first post I am a straight shooter. I give credit where credit is due. 2 out of 6 is not a ringing endorsement. Nice of you to cherry pick what you needed for your promotional campaign. I notice you didn't add any of my Noir reviews, I wonder why? Oh I know, because I reviewed 5 flavors and the best 2 got 3/10 ratings. I recommended none of them. When I made my comments they were based on Noir.
hehe. i havent tried any tangiers myself but if i do it will probly be either lucid cocoa or horchata (had these 2 in mind way be4 ur post here dunkel but seeings how u liked the cocoa makes me wanna get it now haha).
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