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Default Re: HOBOHOOKAH vs. the WITCH

Originally Posted by floFSpro
well now i feel like I am an idiot for buying something that has made me happy! I have a mya with a case but its just not as easy to transport...i guess im done defending the hobohookah...i have been shut down and put to shame

on the other hand, i have been researching another hookah for a few days. most likely i will buy a syrian as the reviews suggests their value, hope this suits all
If you like the hobo then it was good you got it and if mobility is a big deal for you then I suppose I can see why you got it. Still, I got a great Syrian from J & R for $65 and I can find plenty of very nice Egyptians in that price range so I guess it all comes down to how big a deal portability is to you. I certainly wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad about purchasing the hobo but it just doesn't strike me as a good value. I think i'd rather have a hobo then some mini Chinese rig so I think I see where you are coming from.
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