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Default Re: Nour Vs KM Saga

I still don't think you got a full nour man.

Im suprised you got that bowl, my nour bowl looks nothing like that.
even the one from HC has my bowl:
--Your Nour bowl looks exactly like the free bowl i got from hookahhookah

My nour tray is solid brass and etched and looks like my stem, as can be seen in my vid, where as the KM tray was a cheap peice of stamped tin or something. (I even use me showing the tray's thickness in my new intro)
---- I think you got a generic brass tray.

As for bases, I think Sahara Smoke makes the heaviest bases hands down. (I believe you said it was the heaviest base you had). My green nour base which looks like your clear one, was heavier than the exact base you had on top of the other 2 KM bases. The size of the Nour base is acceptable being that our nours are significantly shorter than our KMs. I don't really have an issue with bubbles in either one by the way.

The hoses, yeah the KM hose is better I said that in my new video too. That being said, my KM hose did die. I had to get a Razan for it, and the Nour hose I got is doing perfectly on my genie lol. the KM is still nicer.

As for the stem, yeah, the nour stem can be used as a club to kill people. the top screw peice is nice to hold the tray in place perfectly, i hate crooked or uneven trays and that ash issue that didnt bother you. it is heavier than my SSR/Exotica stem which you have. However yes, there are KM stems that are heavier, but even that shorter one you had, its heavy because it was made wider (not the actual inner stem, just the decoration)

my nour port is fine, the grommet on mine does its job, the KM one not an issue.

My purging in my vid just showed the nour purged slower is all.

ill comment on the 2nd half in a little, gotta do an errand.

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