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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

I enjoyed horchata.
I never got flavor out of cocoa, noir or lucid.
Peach Iced tea was good sometimes.
Mimon was too harsh for a long smoke. Good in moderation.

Yes I acclimate. Yes I use a funnel. Yes i have tried every method fro scoop tot he pick and drop. I had the most success with just packing it with a fork. I have tried every variation with every flavor and have always had varied results. Consistency is key to me. Tangiers is not amazing enough to make up for the lack of consistent good sessions. I am not saying that the product is fluctuating but it is too touchy on a day to day basis here in MA where the weather and humidity fluctuate constantly. Also some like cocoa never worked for me beyond the faintest hint of cocoa powder that I may have imagined.

I will continue to buy flavors of Tangiers that interst me but only once in a while.

I like some tangiers but I agree that it's hyped. I know that some people get great results and some get terrible. I have experienced both first hand and the great has been in the minority. I always had great hopes but that wow factor was the same as other brands when it was present.

I should pick up some horchata.
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