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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

this thread is hilarious. i didn't really want to post in it, since nothing positive for me would have resulted but i couldn't resist.

an honest question to the mods: is there some sort of personal vendetta against eric?

it seems that following the response to people's comments: anyone who supports tangiers, likes it, or even smokes it gets thrown into the easily dismissable fanboy group. the fanboy group gets turned into "secret spies" who don't really smoke tangiers but promote it secretly for great $$ and success. no one really likes tangiers, its all a lie. the phunnel bowl, its a gimmick to steal your money, the tobacco, its plastic! not even real! anyone who likes tangiers too much is a communist, a liar, a thief, a whore...not to mention will be attacked in every thread he posts (even if its a I LOVE TANGIERS thread!)

when someone makes a nakhla appreciation thread, no mod says why was this thread made...

when someone makes a hookah-hookah thread, no mod says why was this thread made...

as soon as its tangiers, the mods fight you over it. i get it, you guys hate it, you have a right to hate it, thats fine however i dont go into every hookah-hookah/nakhla thread and pick fights with the people who post in it.

if i did, you would ban me. this is rude and to me, beyond logical comprehension.
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