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Default Re: Does size matter?

Originally Posted by myka View Post
My Mya Diva smokes ten times better than my Mya Orb and my Mya Orb is a lot taller. Mya QT's are so sick, I always loved the design of them but I have never smoked out of one.

And taller hookah's do not hit better. My 16 inch Mya Diva gets the same smoke my 36 inch KM does does.

When shopping for a hookah you need to look at quality and appearance, size is just a preference.
all have take look at the MYA Diva, i did notic that the MYA bambino altho it did have nice clouds they wherent anything like a tall hookah. when i smoke out of 26'' i get clouds where you cant even see me. so i guess that another thing im looking for. big clouds for the
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