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Default Re: Nour Vs KM Saga

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
ill post part 2 here:

anyhow, yeah, your nour doesnt purge well at all compared to mine. Look how long it takes me to purge at 3:40 on part 2 of my vid and compare it to how long and how strong you had to blow in to purge yours.

and the hose port thing is really odd, because while my nour hose stays in my KM falls out, you can even see that in my KM review.

at the end, yes to each their own. enjoy your m3 and I'll enjoy my A8 W12 ;P.
actually my hose tends to fall out of the km also, whereas my roommate's nour doesnt. guess it's hard to have a 100% accurate review on non-machine made hookahs
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