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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
and it is not just ONE experience, it is numerous ..

I am about annoyed with this whole thing .. you are absolutely correct! It always seems to turn into this .. and I never see this type of display of love/hate for any other brand of tobacco ..

I can highly recommend a site that you can go to that is majority wise a Tangiers forum? PM me and I will get you the link .. They answer lots of questions (the same questions on a daily bases) and you can participate in displaying your undying love and devotion to Tangiers It would probably be a perfect fit, especially for the "Live Tangiers or Die" fans ..

.. and for the record, you guys that NEVER get a BBQ flavor!? Are REALLY REALLY REALLY Lucky! Let me know who your vendor is, I would like to order from them when I decide to give one more flavor a chance .. Thanks!
(Yes I will be giving one more additional flavor a chance ... along with the K-Peach I have at home and Juicy Peach, Kiwi and Vanilla)

the only time ive had BBQ was when i left some sitting for a month or 2 and didnt open it but it went away pretty fast one aired out. i never get the burnt taste or the bbq but i will get a slightly off weirdness to it come times, it might just be that its not my bag or something idk. its not my go to smoke but there are plenty of other stuff i would refuse to smoke before i refused tangiers

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