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Default Re: HOBOHOOKAH vs. the WITCH

Originally Posted by floFSpro
well now i feel like I am an idiot for buying something that has made me happy! I have a mya with a case but its just not as easy to transport...i guess im done defending the hobohookah...i have been shut down and put to shame

on the other hand, i have been researching another hookah for a few days. most likely i will buy a syrian as the reviews suggests their value, hope this suits all
Don't feel bad, live and learn. If something brings you happiness, then enjoy it.

Now you know next time to do more research before buying.

The HH seems alittle better than the Witch, but according to reviews. But as many pointed out, the price tag is a major factor. Many here enjoy traditional rigs and find the shape/design of the HH less than attractive. But, I can see in certain occusians (sp) it could be useful... if it wasn't so $$.
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