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Default Re: Layout/Atmosphere for Hookah Bar?

i think i mentioned this before, or at least in another thread but it should be restated

if people start talking about illegal substances in your lounge you should at the minimum warn them and on the second offense at most ask them to leave, the guys that run the local lounge kick people out right out because they do not need any bad images of the place and try to keep it extremely legit some times to excess but it for the best

one of my good friends when we went to the lounge the first time was kind of worried if it was legal and all (he is in USCG and didnt want to have any issues since already they were told they could not go to hookah lounges for no reason other than there is a stereotype, be it totally wrong its there)

and card card card, its kind of a no brainer but none of the lounges up here do it since its right next to a college but there are plenty of minors that go there, in fact one night a chick passed out and i was the first responder she was fine but she kept passing out so my self and a navy PO insisted she get checked out by EMS.

also for that reason i suggest you have a couple of your people trained in basic first aid, and its just a good idea when you have a place that is serving a lot of people that you at least have some one around that knows CPR and all that just because of the number of people around you never know what will happen
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