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Default Re: Hookah and Drive?

I have and probably always will be against smoking hookah while the vehicle is in operation.... by anyone...even people in the back seat.

Here is why.

1. It is a distraction.

Even if you are not smoking... and one of your stupid friends loses the the coal... or even knocks the bowl off, you as a driver are not going to be devoting your attention to the road. Instinctively you are gonna be looking back montering the recovery process. Your mind will be on "I cant believe that a$$hole lost the coal in my car.... etc"... not the road.

2. Hoses are a risk.

Hoses can easily slide around operating controls like the gear shift , e-brake... windshield wiper lever. Maybe even go as far as to interfere with the brake petal? Think if the hose got looped around the e-brake and you went for a puff and you are doing 70mph on the freeway.

3. "Felony Stops"

If you are spotted smoking hookah in the car, and someone calls the law on you, chances are they will get more than one cop car behind you. Chances of you exiting the vehicle double time and making friends with the asphalt are gonna be increased. Officer Bob is gonna give you his own brand of chiropractic using his knee that he spends nights filing down to an even sharper point.

What would be neat for backseat use only would be a truly self contained hookah that wont spill or allow any coal to escape.... still got a hose prob tho.

Dont get me wrong... I smoke hookah in my truck occasionally..... but only in PARK! Motor off and keys out. I then always have some water in a bottle or my left over ice in a cup to extinguish the coal dead as a doornail at the curb.

Overall, I think smoking hookah and driving is irresponsible.... but then so is fighting with a cell phone, digging for a lighter or something in the next seat.... whippin your kids in the back.... and puttin on makeup in the rear view mirror

Have you guys seen that Allstate commercial where all the stuff is whizzin by on the freeway.... cellphones... burgers... sodas....laptops...etc...

....looks like they shoulda added a hookah.
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