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Originally Posted by josys36 View Post
I have both a Nour and a KM. The KM is new and tonight is my first smoke. To be quite honest I think both smoke the same. I use Razan hoses on both. I fell the draw is the same and both seems to be made very very well. My Nour's brass is just beautiful. I collect brass so I wanted to get a solid brass hookah. Now I wanted a KM just because I think you should own both. I am so sorry to hear about your Nour. I watched your first vid when you received it and I was so shocked as your experience is not like mine at all. I was both impressed with how well it functions and the sheer looks. I took photos and brought them in the office and they were amazed. Now the KM is also very beautiful. So I guess the moral of this is that there is good and bad in both brands. I am happy with my purchase of both.

I got my first KM yesterday. It smokes nearly the same as my Nour. I would almost go out there and say better, but its a close call.

Both are amazing hookahs. I would highly recommended either.
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