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Thumbs up My first hookah - thank you HP!!

[FONT=Times New Roman]First I would like to thank ********** for the wonderful service I received from him.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]I was kicking around the idea of taking up pipe smoking and during my web perusing on this subject I did a web search for hookah because my nephew mentioned hookah in passing and I though I would investigate. I knew the jackpot had been struck within a few minutes. I quickly found the HP forum (best forum by far) and started my lurking and educating myself. This led to ********** and me placing an order. I ordered online about 7:00 PM Ohio time on 1-30-09 and within thirty minutes my cell rings and it is John taking care of me. Told me that FedEx was due anytime for pickup and he was packing for shipment immediately. My package arrived on 2-3-09. So last night I get home and my wife has this big box setting there for me. In that box was my very first hookah, mind you I have never smoked a hookah before, never really seen one in person.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]I went straight to the top bypassing the lesser quality hookahs and purchased a KM tri-metal and some shisha, coals, and other items. John sent along quite a few bonus items as well. I washed everything up and gave it a go. I smoked Starbuzz Blue Mist during my virgin hookah session. I was pleased to say the least. The taste was good, sound of bubbles relaxing. Ritual of setting up was the main draw for me to hookah. I like this type of stuff. Same as when I make my own beer, smoked ribs, stereo speakers. It is the process that is half the fun to me. Anyway I did manage to burn my shisha a little but I will get better at it. All in all, I would call my first hookah experience a great success due to all the fine people here at HP and to **********. Thank you all much and I can not wait to get home tonight for another round of hookah.[/FONT]
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