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Default Re: yes im another newb but somewhat a serious question for yall

Originally Posted by fashow69
hajo you are right im using a 12 inch i believe pumpkin hookah i kinda had a feeling it was the size of my rig that may have contributed to the problem and i do plan on buying a more bigger full size hookah and i had a prettty good sesh today actually i waited for the coal to ash over before using it and waited longer between hits and everything was just fine so i think i may have figured the problem out but once again thanks so much for all you guys help. oh also im using these " star light " quick light coals that i bought from the local hookah shop here.
I'm glad you finally cured the problem...Don't hesitate to ask other questions to making your session better, that's what we're here for, to help each other out...Make sure to read through all of the hookah reviews in the review section. You want to fully research and ask as many questions as you want in order to purchase the best hookah to suit your needs...Happy smoking!
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