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Default Re: Well i was Banned

OK, so I got banned too. Here's my 2 cents.

Mushrat had no right to ban me. Futhermore, he didn't annouce it like he usually did. Why? He had no grounds to do so. In this whole confict, my reasons for being here are clear. I have a passion for hookah, and this is yet another place that I can discuss it. I didn't find the discusssion at HF (which is said in some thread.. I dunno) as good here, hence why I post here.

Mushrat seems to be the only moderator that does any of these bannings. Did Erica, Sonthert, Evanslight, and GoD agree to this? Mushrat I feel is being over protective of HF, like he has some sort of personal ownership or something. Also, when we say that the forum isn't the same, (ie posts, and threads vanishing) its like mushrat is taking this as a personal attack, IMHO.

So whatever, I'll keep posting here and I'll spy on HF looking at all the noob questions. Big Deal. Seriously, this makes no direct impact on my life, yet Mushrat sees this as war, and since he's in a position of power, he wins. Whatever. I seriously hope Mushrat realizes that he banned some very good members.

Lastly, I know that Mushrat wanted to ban me in the first place because I happen to like Hookah ETC. We had bad blood with that for serveral months now. So it would seem that Mushrat has a "legitimate" reason for getting rid of me, yet there was no posting of any vacation. Therefore, Mushrat, like I know, that this was unjust, unfair, and if the general population of the board found out, he would be screwed. Mushrat, I dare you to post this up and tell everyone why YOU banned us. I'm willing to bet that you did this solely on your own, and furthermore want to keep it quiet.