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Default Re: Huka Girls ORLY?!!

Originally Posted by pharm View Post
its like hooters for hookah lmao
EXACTLY! I see absolutely no problem with this at all. Anybody who goes there tryign to get laid is retarded. You dont go to Hooters to get laid, you go to Hooters to pretend not ot stare at the staff while you eat. Sure, it isnt TRADITIONAL hookah culture but Hooters isnt traditional restaurant culture either. If you have a problem with this type of establishment, dont go. Nobody is forcign you to, and nobody is forcing those fine ladies to run around scantily clad. It is all a personal desicion.

Also, the reason they dont mention anything other than the girls is because that isnt the bar's myspace, it is the myspace to JUST flaunt the talent. the actual myspace is:

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