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Default hookah survey


i am doing a presentation on hookahs and the culture impact thereof for my english class. if you could, please fill out this would be much appreaciated!


Hookah Survey

How often do you smoke hookah?

How many people do you usually smoke hookah with?

When did you start smoking hookah?

What is your favorite part of smoking a hookah?

How did you first hear of smoking hookah?

How do you feel about smoking hookah in comparison to other smoking methods? (ex: cigarettes)

Do you feel that hookah can have a negative connotation? (sorry, i forgot this was even on here )

Is there a certain etiquette that you follow when smoking a hookah?

Do you believe that smoking hookah has a negative effect on your health and do you believe it is better or worse than smoking cigarettes?

Do you believe that hookah smoking has become more popular? Why or why not?

11. Do you believe that hookah smoking is more for older or younger people?
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