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Hookah Survey:

How often do you smoke hookah? I smoke hookah once a day, every day.

How many people do you usually smoke hookah with? Three, sometimes larger groups on the weekends, but usually three.

When did you start smoking hookah? About three years ago

What is your favorite part of smoking a hookah? The flavor, and the white clouds of smoke. I also like it because it gives me a feeling of intellectuality and high class. (not saying that I don't already have these qualities , but the hookah enhances them)

How did you first hear of smoking hookah? I first found out about it because of a friend that had one. So I asked him what it was and I've been hooked ever since!

How do you feel about smoking hookah in comparison to other smoking methods? I think it's a lot cleaner and healthier. Obviously inhaling anything else other than oxygen is going to be bad for you, but I definetly think it's a lot more cleaner and less toxic than smoking cigarettes.

Do you feel that hookah has a connection to smoking "edit your post or you will be banned, we do not talk about smoking anything but shisha in a hookah"? I don't understand this question, so to avoid trouble I just won't say anything because I might be interpreting it wrong.

Is there a certain etiquette that you follow when smoking a hookah? Not really. Just light it up and have a good time talking about interesting stuff with my fellow smokers.

Do you believe that smoking hookah has a negative effect on your health and do you believe it is better or worse than smoking cigarettes? Like I said, inhaling anything else other than air will obviously be bad for you. However, I definetly think that hookah smoke is a lot cleaner and less harmful than cigarettes. Examples that are evidence to this: Try taking one drag out of a cigarette and blow it into a napkin. It will immediately turn a dark brownish yellowish color. That's tar. Now do the same with hookah smoke, and you'll notice that you'll never stain the napkin. Even afer trying for a whole full 1 hour session. This experiment shows how over the course of time, cigarettes will turn your lungs black. While on the other hand hookah smoke might not. Also, smoking shisha is more of an "evporative/steaming" process (coal burns at about 300-400 degrees farenheit, a lot cooler than a cigarette). Whereas with a cigarette, you're burning the tobacco (combustion process) which brings out a lot more harmful and toxic cancer causing chemicals into your lungs.

Do you believe that hookah smoking has become more popular? Why or why not? hmmm, I think so. More often than not, people around my area know what a hookah is, and they quickly start asking me questions about pricing and taste and what not. For the most part young people around here (Miami, FL) know what it is. Whereas, adults are usually the ones who stereotype it with drug paraphonelia (ie. ****). Even the cops who have approached us in the past know exactly what it is when they see us smoking it, because of a friend or relative that has one.

11. Do you believe that hookah smoking is more for older or younger people? I think it's fun and satisfying for all ages (over 18 of course). I think young as well as old people can enjoy it and have good times with it. I definetly see myself and my girl smoking hookah even as grown adults. Right now we're 22, but I'm sure we'll continue smoking hookah for many years. Maybe when we get our careers done and we move out, I might see us smoking less often (like once or twice a week) due to hectic shedules.
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