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Default Re: I have really bad luck with small phunnels...

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
yeah...but metal bowls suck...we just need a polymer that mimics ceramic materials in important properties ^_^

tempered glass might work.
have you ever seen what happens when tempered glass gets a scratch/crack in it? if not youtube "prince ruperts drop"

you know how a car window (side) when smashed turns into 1000s of little rounded pieces, its because it is tempered (i.e. the glass is under extreme stress, the outer layer is cooled faster than the inner layer trapping in the stress, any breach of that layer which traps in the inner layer leads to a violent failure of the whole piece)

given tempered glass is extremely strong and can dent 1/4 inch steel but when it goes its not pretty.

as to metal, aluminum has a similar thermal coefficient as glass IIRC.

either way glass and ceramic are prone to cracks, metal is prone to dents and usually transfers heat in a different way

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