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Hookah Survey

How often do you smoke hookah?
It can be as often as once a day (7 days a week) to only 1 session a week. I try my best NOT to smoke more than once in a 24 hour span.

How many people do you usually smoke hookah with?
Typically I'm by myself, sometimes my boyfriend or just a few friends. I'm looking for more people interested in my area to start up a local Hookah Club.

When did you start smoking hookah?
About 3+ years ago, my boyfriend always wanted one, so I hunted around and purchased a discount rig off Ebay (which lasted 2-3 years).

What is your favorite part of smoking a hookah?
The enjoyment and tastes of the sheer act of the smoking. When I have friends over, how it's something we all enjoy and can share, umong friend in good health and happiness. I also enjoy the way it can often start a conversation (either good or bad) and often lead to explaining the true use and history of the hookah.

How did you first hear of smoking hookah?
Long, long ago... back in my high school years, a friend introduced me to his family hookah (they had brought it back from a trip home overseas). He explained what it was, the history, and let me smoke it. It made me cough, but it was fun.

How do you feel about smoking hookah in comparison to other smoking methods? (ex: cigarettes)
Typically, I hate cigarettes, although I will smoke some Cloves. Typically they are consideible harsher, taste nasty, are meant for people who can not or refuse to take time and slow down in their day. But, I will not object if someone wants to smoke, it's their life and they are entitled to do with it as they wish.

Do you feel that hookah can have a negative connotation? (sorry, i forgot this was even on here)
Yes, many of the people I say the word "hookah" automaticly assume I am refering to "other illegal" uses of the device. Some can be educated to the truth, but some are rockheaded and refuse to believe anything I can say, just labling me as a "*ot head" - which I consider an insult.

Is there a certain etiquette that you follow when smoking a hookah?
Myself yes. Locally - No, I've only been to 1 bar (local - there is only 1) and it was filled with young (barely legal) people. They know nothing of the culture and history of the hookah and know nothing of the etiquette of hookah smoking. Myself, I do pay attenntion to some of the rules: pass the hose, tip toward myself. No lighting ciggy from the coal or using the ash try for anything but coals. No one but the hookah setter TOUCHES the coals. If with friends, draw twice and offer the hose. Try not to use the left hand.

Do you believe that smoking hookah has a negative effect on your health and do you believe it is better or worse than smoking cigarettes?
Smoking, anything, will affect your health. Only air is meant to be in your lungs, so smoking anything is against the design of your lungs. Myself, this is why I try to limit the sessions to 1 a day. I also have altered my way of smoking to reduce the side effects: headaches, rib aches, and slight cough. Personally I do believe it is alittle better than cigarettes, just becasue of the additives they place in the ciggys and the way they are consumed. But I refer back to my first statement - smoking anything is not really good for you.

Do you believe that hookah smoking has become more popular? Why or why not?
Yes, because it has become, in some sections of the nation/world, a popular "fad" type thing umong the younger group of people. Many smoke becasue of cultural heratiage. Others want to enjoy the act of smoking and inspire to reflect this in others. Some just think it's cool and hip, they want to be part of the "in" crowd - they smoke becasue they can. Or to smoke becasue they shouldn't be smoking (underage) They have little to no concern of the history, the etiquette, culture or other factors of the hookah. Those are the ones that have turned Hookah into a fad, that drove people to sell knock-off poor quaility items, open low rate lounges and other annoying things (most of the local smoke shacks sell the chinese knock off rigs, for high prices).

Do you believe that hookah smoking is more for older or younger people?
It can be for both, some younger people have repect for the culture and history, they enjoy the compaionship it brings and so forth. Many older people do, but many of the "nay-sayers" who condemmen you for saying the word "hookha" are older. They may be relating it to a time the word was tied to a period of their history where it may have meant something very different. It all depends on the person's outlook, upbringing, culture and so on.
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