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Remember in summer comming into a very air conditioned store from outside and your sunglasses fog up?Or in cold winter you get in a cold car and put on the heat? Fog. Same exact thing happens to shisha.Which is why you never regrigerate it,it causes humidity. You must acclimatize shisha not to get the smell out!
If you are a Sultan, you'd have a "Hookah boy (or girl) to get your coals hot and ready, to clean your hookah to prepare the shisha. There isno doubt that it is a bit time consumming to take out each new pack of shisha, spread it out and wait, all the more if you have lots of new flavours, but to acclimatize 40 grams, 200 grams or 5 kilos takes exactly the same time. I put mine out for 4-20 hours. If you live in the desert or a very humid area do it longer. If you are impatient than half an hour, but if you don't its like starting a car on a freezing day without letting the engine heat a bit and the oil thin.
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